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A list (not complete) of other organisations which have connections with this club - including those that use the club regularly for events and meetings

Any other links or relevant information anybody would like to send in would be appreciated

[Labour logo] 🌹 The Labour Party
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🌹 Labour Party (Wakefield constituency)
🌹 Labour Party (Wakefield East ward)
🌹 Labour Party (Wakefield North ward)
🌹 Labour Party (Wakefield West ward)
🌹 Labour Party (Wakefield South ward)

•  Wakefield & District Trades Union Council
•  With Banners Held High - Since 2015, Yorkshire`s largest Trade Union gathering
•  Wakefield Socialist History Group
•  Red Shed Players (socialist amateur dramatic group)
•  "We are Wakefield" Anti-fascist campaign & refugee support group

•  V.I.Ps. (Visually Impaired Peoples` group)
•  Music group/Folk festival (Organisers of our monthly Open Mic night, and fortnightly practice/jam sessions)
•  Trad. Music (Local shop supplying instruments & other things musical. Run by club member Nicky Howarth, organiser of various gigs here. Outlet for tickets for these gigs)
•  Red Shed Readings (poetry group)
•  Black Horse Poets

•  Yorkshire St. Pauli (Supporters of FC St. Pauli - the ethical football supporters` club)

[Clubs Net]


There`s only one Red Shed, but there are other clubs out there.  A number of them have "Labour", "Trades" or some such description as part of their names.  This may indicate that they had roots in the labour movement, but most of them nowadays are purely social clubs, with little or no political side to their activities.  The BBC reported on this recently (around the time of the 2019 general election) showing precious little of its alleged commitment to "balanced reporting".  However, there are some clubs that have kept the Red Flag flying.  A group of these in the north of England have made moves to strengthen ties between them, as reported in the Morning Star.
In August 2017 we established the Network of Socialist Clubs, which meets semi-regularly to exchange ideas.  The network is a very informal association with no individual membership.  Members of any of these clubs will be very welcome at any of the others.

[Clubs Net] In addition to the Red Shed, current other members of the network are:

•  Glossop Labour Club
•  The Trades Club, Hebden Bridge
•  Bolton Socialist Club
•  The Clarion Club, Pendle

Also - not formally part of our network - but thanks to the magic of the internet, we have some links to other like-minded organisations further afield:

•  Whitstable Labour Club (Kent)
•  Peoples` Voice Cafe (New York City)

We would like to expand the network if there are other clubs out there that share our commitment to progressive politics.
please get in touch -
e-mail: socialism  network  *at*  gmail.com
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